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First of all, I have to say that November was a fantastic month.  I was able to publish three awesome stories (one novel and two caption stories) that I think have been incredibly well-received.  

First up, on November 9, I released “Survivor”, which features Victoria June.  It follows the son of an oil magnate after he’s kidnapped, feminized, and forced into prostitution.  When he’s finally rescued, he has to cope with his friends’ and family’s reaction to his feminization and his newfound promiscuity.  

Second, on November 19, I released “The Assignment”, which follows a police intern after he’s convinced to pose as a sissy in order to infiltrate a criminal organization.  Features Allie Haze.

And finally, just a few days ago (on November 29), I released the ninth book in the Omar Bell Universe Series, entitled “A Fresh Start”.  It follows an interracial young man as he tries to cope with being transformed by Bell’s nefarious actions.  For those who don’t wish to become members of my site, it’s available on Amazon (just click the cover art below).

So – like I said, fun stuff.  And I think December’s going to be just as good (if not better!).  

This month’s first release comes in just a week (on December 9), and it’s one I really enjoyed writing.  “A Different Perspective“, featuring Vienna Black, is the story of a middle-aged political scientist who’s convinced by his friend to participate in an experiment which will see him become his wife’s young, Latina maid.  However, after undergoing a drastic transformation, he realizes that his wife is a little more committed to the farce than he is.  

Next up (on December 19) is a story called “A Mother’s Judgment”.  Featuring Alli Rae, it follows a young man whose mother disapproves of his homosexuality.  So, she sends him to a different sort of conversion camp which, instead of changing his sexuality, endeavors to transform him into a girl.  

And finally, December 29 will see the release of the tenth (and penultimate) volume in the Omar Bell Universe series, entitled “The Pursuit of Dr. Bell”.  It follows a government agent as he follows Bell’s trail while he copes with his own transformation.  

In addition to those releases, in an effort to gauge interest, I expect to finally get polls online this month.  Also, due to accepting a pair of commissions, I’ve made a couple of changes to THE CAPTION STORY RELEASE SCHEDULE.  The previously scheduled stories will be published at some point, though I’m not entirely sure when.  

If you’d like to enjoy any of these (or the 80+ other stories available), you’ll have to become a member of my site.  To do so, just click on the following logo: