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As many of you know, I like to engage my target audience as much as possible.  That’s taken a bit of a backseat lately because I’m still trying to optimize this site.  However, I did want to ask your opinions about an upcoming caption story’s primary model.  Basically, the problem is thus:

The story itself deals with a man being transformed into a female maid in his wife’s employment.  Part of me wants to use a Latina model (because of the obvious stereotype and cultural significance of a wealthy white man having to live as a poor maid), but i can also see using a white model as well.  In either case, the transformation would include a change of nationality (Mexican for the Latina or Eastern European for the Caucasian).  That said, I’d love to hear your opinions.  What would you rather see?  Reply in the comments, or you can just Contact Me directly.  I’m also open to model suggestions!