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Thanks for coming over to the new site.  Bouncing back and forth isn’t ideal, and I hope this is my last move.  With this move come a couple of changes I feel I should point out.

First, there are now two levels of membership.  I’ve been contemplating this for a while, mostly because I wanted to focus a little more on writing books than my old schedule allowed.  And this seemed like a perfect opportunity to reboot the whole membership structure so I can do just that.  The two memberships are thus:

Gold Membership ($12 per month)

This membership is very similar to being a supporter on Patreon in that it allows access to my caption stories (2 per month).

Platinum Membership ($15 per month)

With this one, you get access to those same caption stories, but you also get access to my books as well.  Right now, I plan to publish a book a month.

Now, I realize that this is more money.  I know that can be a little frustrating.  However, it is necessary because of the increased cost of processing payments (Stripe takes a bigger portion than Patreon).  That’s just the way it has to be for me to make this work.  I hope you’ll all understand that.

The good news is that I should be able to provide more varied content as time goes on.  I’m really excited about some of the books I have planned, and of course, I’m super excited about continuing to publish the caption stories everybody loves.  I’m already hard at work doing just that.  So, stick with me.  You’re going to like what you get.

If you have any issues, just contact me via email at